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Tamika Burgess has penned personal essays for Boriqua Chicks, Cosmo For Latinas, xoNecole, and various other sites.

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I Broke Up With My Toxic Friend

It’s the last few hours of my birthday. I drop my head on my pillow and think about the great friends and family who thought enough of me to text, call, or email their well wishes as I enter into another year. I also think about how the number of people I heard from today is significantly smaller than last year and the year prior. But I’m okay with it; we all know it’s about quality, not quantity.

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My Natural Hair Journey Reminds Me That I Am Beautiful

Earlier in my process Friday nights consisted of me sitting on my bed with my eyes glued to my computer screen. I frantically searched YouTube for natural hair bloggers and their transitioning hair videos. Click play, take notes, pause, take a picture of the product they held up, play some more, pause, and practice the protective style they demonstrated. I was obsessed.

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Soy Afro-Panameña –A Personal Story of Afro-Latina Identity and Pride

“I thought you were Black!” This is the response I sometimes get from people when they find out my parents are Panamanian. Looking down at my arm in a sarcastic manner and responding with, “Oh, I thought I was too,” is how I jokingly dismiss the statement when I am not in the mood to explain the difference between race and ethnicity.

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Why Reality TV Is Not Good For Me

It was a Monday night. I sat on my bed with some cookies nearby and my phone in hand ready to watch and tweet about my favorite reality shows. I was about 10 minutes into the first show of the evening when I suddenly felt annoyed and angered by what I was seeing. However, it was nothing from the norm: cursing, arguing, fighting, basically people treating each other like trash. It was the same stuff over and over.

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Black Latina, The Play (NYC Recap)

After 11 months of prepping, last week the Black Latina Movement presented their “Summer Series ‘16” in NYC. This included three shows (Of Mothers and Men, The Colors of Love, and Black Latina, The Play) and film screenings.

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Meet July’s Leona of The Month: Lizzy Okoro

Meet California native, Lizzy Okoro. This champagne loving, world traveler may be small in stature but is big in ambition and motivation. With the desire to provide readers with what other magazines currently lack, about four years ago Lizzy created BUNCH magazine.

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The Reason I'm Going Natural: Transitioning From Relaxed to Natural Hair

I’m going “natural.” And my decision to do so doesn’t come from a place of over processed, relaxer caused-breakage. Nor does it come from a place of trying to fit in with the ever so popular and growing #Team Natural.

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Meet June’s Leona of The Month: DJ Bembona

Xiomara Marie, better known as DJ Bembona is one of the latest female DJs to emerge in the underground music scene. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, DJ Bembona rocks parties by blending the sounds of her neighborhood with the sounds of her culture.

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Meet May's Leona of the Month: Tracy G

She is mostly known for her presence on Sirius Radio’s Sway In the Morning. But Tracy G also uses her voice to “Edutain” the masses. Her wellness site, She’s Beauty and the Beast, was created out of love and light.

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10 Afro-Latina Authors You Should Know

The Afro-Latina experience is one that is so specific, yet differs from country to country. One thing that remains the same is an Afro-Latina author’s ability to share her story and offer a sense of relatability for readers. The authors below have shared our stories in various ways; stories that continue to unite us, and let us know we are not alone in our struggles.

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Meet April's Leona of The Month: Aja Monet

The Poet, the performer, the singer, the songwriter, the educator, the human rights advocate. Aja Monet is truly a multi-talented woman. Harry Belafonte once referred to her as, “The true definition of an artist.”

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How I Learned to Be A Good Friend

Okay, I’ll admit it. I haven’t always been a good friend. Maybe it’s because I lived in the same city from age 9 to 20, and didn’t really have to worry about meeting new people or keeping relationships going. The friends I met in elementary school grew up with me and were always there.

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Meet March’s Leona of The Month: Melanie Martinez

By day, Mel is a Marketing Coordinator. But after 5pm, she switches things up by delving further into her interests of blogging, graphic design, and brand consulting. MEL À LA MODE is the platform where all of those interests intersect. It’s where Mel gets to be all versions of herself and it’s where she connects with the world, one story at a time.

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I Don't Hate Mondays

It never fails… every Monday my Instagram is filled with posts/quotes about how much Mondays suck! When I saw these posts last Monday, I was reminded of when I use to feel the same exact way.

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Meet February’s Leona of The Month: Amberly Alene Ellis

Last year Creative Director Amberly Ellis launched For The People Productions with one objective in mind: “…to capture life through film in ways that force audiences to think about something in a way that they did not think about before, and to do this in a manner that is as true as possible.”